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Groping, Warriors, Nigel Slater

November 14th, 2015

Episode 417 of 985 episodes

We refer to it a little jokingly as groping, but it's really a sexual assault. Laura Bates from the Everyday Sexism Project and Nicola Gatto a barrister who specialises in sexual assaults, discuss recent campaigns to put a stop to it. A group of female MPs were earlier this week ejected from the New Zealand parliament when they tried to speak openly about their sexual abuse experiences and to demand an apology from the Prime Minister for accusing opposition MPs of 'backing the rapists' during a row about the detention of New Zealanders in Australia. We hear from two of those women, MPs Clare Curran and Marama Davidson. The Maasai Warrior, Sonyanga Ole Ngais tells us why he and his friends are part of a team fighting against the practice of female genital mutilation through their passion for cricket. Their story is the subject of a new documentary film Warriors. Jenni speaks to Sonyanga and Dr Ann-Marie Wilson the Founder and Executive Director of the charity 28 Too Many which works to end FGM across Africa. The designers of the new passport have focussed on UK figures and landmarks from the past 500 years. Out of the nine people chosen they included just two women. Public historian Helen Weinstein and artist Terri Bell-Halliwell discuss why women continue to remain invisible as public figures and why this matters. When NASA recruited its first female astronaut candidates in January 1978, Sandy Magnus was a teenager who dreamed of going into space. 40 years on she's been on three missions on the International Space Station and is now the Executive Director of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. She tells us why she's now working to encourage more women into Science and Engineering. Writer Marina Warner on her new collection of short stories. And Nigel Slater cooks the perfect autumn cake and talks about his new seasonally inspired cookbook 'A Year of Good Eating'.

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