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Harriet Harman and Gisela Stuart on the EU referendum

May 13th, 2016

Episode 577 of 985 episodes

We hear opposing views on the debate about the European Referendum. Labour's former acting leader Harriet Harman MP speaking for Britain Stronger in Europe makes her first major intervention to argue that a vote to leave could threaten women's equality at work. Labour MP Gisela Stuart, who chairs the Vote Leave campaign, argues that workers' rights had been "hard won" in the UK, not Europe. Plus we continue our discussions about diaries and the relationship we have with them. Today, we look at whether or not young women still keep diaries and if not what's replacing them. Tingy Simoes one of the directors of Pencourage, an online diary site and Vlogger Patricia Bright discuss the modern day twist on a diary. And reporter Anna King meets three Gloucestershire women who've not only rediscovered their love of horses, but also now go away together every year for their very own grown up Pony Club Camp.

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