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Hollie McNish, Amy Cuddy, First love, Women's global health

February 10th, 2016

Episode 492 of 985 episodes

More than 18 million women a year worldwide are killed by non-communicable diseases, such heart disease, stroke and diabetes. The UN's Sustainable Development Goals include a target on reducing premature death from these diseases by 2030, and yet women's health strategies are still largely focused on sexual and reproductive health. Professor Robyn Norton joins Jenni to discuss a new paper, entitled Women's Health: A New Global Agenda. Adopt the 'Wonder Woman' pose and power up! Standing in certain positions can transform your life, says American guru Amy Cuddy. The Harvard professor joins Woman's Hour to explain how the way we hold our bodies is key to giving us 'Presence' - the title of her latest book - and how shyness and anxiety can be overcome. Award winning spoken word artist Hollie McNish speaks to Jenni about her new book Nobody Told Me, a collection of poetry and prose about becoming a mother. Hollie talks about sex, pregnancy, feeding and viewing society's inequalities through the eyes of her baby daughter. And why is teenage heartbreak so poignant? Three young women share their experiences. Presenter: Jenni Murray Producer: Laura Northedge.

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