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Iconic film legend Louise Brooks, Global childcare burdens, Kung Fu Panda 3

March 4th, 2016

Episode 513 of 985 episodes

Louise Brooks was never one of the best-known or highly-paid actresses in Hollywood but transcended silent movies (and even cinema itself) to become an iconic figure, due to her unique look, and her refusal to conform in a male-dominated industry. Ahead of a rare screening of her 1928 film Beggars of Life we discuss her legacy with early film experts Pamela Hutchinson and Melody Bridges. Childcare isn't just a problem for women in the UK. Today two international organisations publish research which describes how women and girls take on the burden of informal childcare and housework around the world, including the UK - often taking on the double burden of managing home and work. Sally Copley, Oxfam's Head of UK Policy and Campaigns and Claire Melamed, Director of Poverty and Inequality at the Overseas Development Institute, discuss. Kung Fu Panda 3 has taken more than $300 million worldwide since its first screening in January - and that doesn't include Europe. Its director Jennifer Yuh Nelson is one of the highest grossing women directors in Hollywood - she'll discuss the appeal of Kung Fu Master panda Po and what it's like to be a woman leading the field in animation. In the first year of the Northern Power Women Awards - a collaborative campaign to improve gender diversity in the North of England - founder Simone Roche describes her plan to increase opportunities for women in business and we speak to one of the award winners. Presenter: Jenni Murray Producer: Anne Peacock.

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