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Iranian fashion industry, Dragons' Den entrepreneur Ellen Green

August 25th, 2015

Episode 341 of 985 episodes

Following a religious edict in Iran that fashion and modelling are permissible under Islam, the Iranian fashion industry, which has operated in the shadows for over three decades since the Islamic Revolution, has been going through a revolution of its own. Fashion weeks are popping up across Iran, with over a 100 catwalks in the last year alone. BBC Persian reporter Rana Rahimpour explains how fashion and modelling are gaining a foothold in the Islamic Republic, and what restriction female models still face in Iran. In her latest book, Downstream, the writer, Caitlin Davies, explores the history of swimming in the River Thames and celebrates the stories of the pioneering female swimmers who have undertaken long distance swims in the river. One of these was Mercedes Gleitze, who in 1927 became the first British woman to swim the Channel. Mercedes' daughter, Doloranda Pember, has written a book about her mother's swimming achievements, which she is hoping to have published. Louise Adamson went to the towpath at Putney where she met Doloranda and Caitlin. Emma talks to the co-authors of "The Hillary Doctrine: Sex & American Foreign Policy," Valerie Hudson and Patricia Leidl. They explore just how far American foreign policy has come in regards to women since 1995, when Hillary Clinton stated for the first time that "Women's Rights are Human Rights." If you watched last Sunday's episode of Dragon's Den you will have seen Ellen Green pitching her business 'The Blue Badge Company.' Her products are made in the UK and 40% of the workforce is disabled or primary care givers. She talks to Emma about her experiences. Presenter: Emma Barnett Producer: Claire Bartleet.

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