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Kate Winslet - The Dressmaker

November 20th, 2015

Episode 421 of 985 episodes

Kate Winslet on her new film The Dressmaker - what it's like having to perfect accents - and why she wants to shield her children from social media... One in five Conservative MPs is female, an increase claimed in part by Women2Win, a campaign set up ten years ago to get more women at Westminster. The party still lies behind Labour and the SNP in percentages of women in parliament so are there plans to boost numbers without positive action such as all-women shortlists? a question for W2W co-chairwoman Baroness Anne Jenkin. We continue our series on appearance. We've been talking to a number of men and women, boys and girls about their own beauty regimes and how they see themselves. Today it's the turn of women in their 80's and 90's Plus inspired by an article written by Caitlin Moran about using cards to give compliments to strangers, we did a little experiment and tried it out on the streets of London, and talk to Caitlin about why she thinks it's a good idea. Presented by Jenni Murray Produced by Beverley Purcell.

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