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Learning English to integrate; Living with less stuff; Illness and friends

January 23rd, 2016

Episode 476 of 985 episodes

Does an inability to speak English prevent Muslim women who live in the UK from integrating and make them more susceptible to the "lure" of extremism? David Cameron said this week that 22 per cent of Muslim women had little or no English. Dr Sundas Ali from Oxford University, Nevahad Cihan from the Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Organisation and Gona Syeed from the Kurdish and Middle Eastern women's organisation discuss. You've decluttered and tidied but could you live life free of stuff? We hear from Bea Johnson who minimises the waste in her home and James Wallman who says we should prioritise experience instead of buying stuff. How do women in power make the world's focus on their appearance work for them? Helen Lewis the Deputy Editor of the New Statesman and Shahidha Bari a lecturer in Romanticism at Queen Mary University of London discuss. We hear from the first woman to become the President of Harvard University, Drew Gilpin Faust. More than 15 million people in the UK are living with chronic or long term illness. What effect does that have on friendships? Digital media and work: we discuss with Stefana Broadbent, whose latest book Intimacy at Work argues connecting with friends and family at work is vital to a healthy work life balance, and Martin Talks of Digital Detoxing, who believes offices need to stop relying so heavily on digital media. And Margaret Drabble talks about the New Zealand author Janet Frame whose first novel Owls Do Cry is republished this month. Presented by Jenni Murray Producer: Rabeka Nurmahomed Interviewed guest: Margaret Drabble Interviewed guest: Helen Lewis Interviewed guest: Shadidha Bari Interviewed guest: Gona Syeed Interviewed guest: Sundas Ali Interviewed guest: Navahad Jihan Interviewed guest: Drew Gilpin Faust Interviewed guest: Stefana Broadbent Interviewed guest: Martin Talks.

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