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Mother & Baby Bonds; Menstrual Leave

March 3rd, 2016

Episode 512 of 985 episodes

At this year's Cambridge Science Festival, Dr Vicky Leong will be leading an event on the bond between a mother and her baby, trying to prove that when mothers and their infants share a close relationship, a similar pattern develops in their brain waves. Dr Leong and Charlotte Philby, the founder and editor of Motherland, join Jenni to discuss this theory. Twenty-five years ago volunteer Adele Patrick helped found the Glasgow Women's Library. Last month she was named Scotswoman of the Year, recognising her work with this thriving venture that's never lost sight of its grassroots origin. A Bristol company are about to launch a workplace policy that includes a greater understanding of women's menstrual cycles. It's been widely covered in the press as the UK's first workplace "period policy" and includes allowing women to work flexibly and take time off around their menstrual cycle. We'll look at why its proved so controversial with the broadcaster and columnist Julia Hartley Brewer and the writer Tanya Gold. Sue Elliott Nichols goes on the trail of the friend stealers. Kathryn Hunter on gender-blind casting and what it feels like to play the iconic role of Cyrano de Bergerac.

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