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Opinionated Women in the Media

May 30th, 2016

Episode 591 of 985 episodes

Who shapes our opinions? Research conducted by Woman's Hour reveals that men write twice as many opinion columns as women in our broadsheet newspapers. So why do men dominate newspaper debate? And who are our most powerful female polemicists? Emma Barnett and panellists Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Camilla Long and Nick Ferrari are joined by Eleanor Mills, Editorial Director of The Sunday Times. The panel also talk to Kate Williams, editor of Mumsnet, the internet forum on which many women choose to air their views. Is the democratic and flexible nature of the medium what makes it so popular with women, or does is it silo female opinion away from more traditional platforms? Zing Tsjeng, editor of Broadly, joins Emma to explain why her website does not allow any "below the line" comment and explains her feelings of duty of care to female writers in the face of online abuse. And no programme on opinionated women in the media would be complete without the voice of Julie Burchill, who reads her polemic "The Class Ceiling", which was written especially for the programme. Presenter: Emma Barnett Producer: Laura Northedge.

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