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Reporting historic abuse; Women of Flowers; Male bulimia

September 24th, 2014

Episode 4 of 985 episodes

The start of a new series looking at reporting historical abuse. Why do people decide to report abuse which may have happened decades before; how are their complaints investigated, what happens to them in the courts and what effect does all of this have on their lives? Yvonne Traynor of Rape Crisis and Debbie Grafham, who decided in her 40s to report her abuse as a child, discuss. The 'arms race' on childcare policy for all the major political parties - why is it seen as only a women's issue? Playwright Kaite O'Reilly on her new play Woman of Flowers, which stars Sophie Stone, the first deaf woman to graduate from RADA. Men with bulimia - why are the numbers of men reporting this eating disorder rising? Jenni Murray presents.

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