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Sharleen Spiteri, Lynne Segal and Self Harm Scars

February 11th, 2015

Episode 141 of 985 episodes

Texas frontwoman Sharleen Spiteri joins Jenni to sing their new single, Start a Family, and talk about what it's like now that the band is 25 years old. Having experienced success with the band and as a solo artist, what does she plan to do next? Lynne Segal's 1994 book 'Straight Sex: Rethinking the Politics of Pleasure' argues whether heterosexual sex is inherently damaging to women. As her book is reissued, we ask how she feels about these issues, 21 years later. And, what happens to the scars when a self harmer gets better? We hear from Mary Hamilton on how she feels about her self harm scars, years after the event. Plus your feedback on our election issues.

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