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Space; Gillian Clarke; Vaginal seeding; Old diaries

May 12th, 2016

Episode 576 of 985 episodes

As she prepares to stand down after eight years as the National Poet of Wales, Gillian Clarke performs live for Woman's Hour and talks to Jenni about the publication of selected poems from her ten collections. 'Microbirthing' or 'Vaginal Seeding' - giving babies a swab of vaginal fluid after they have been born by caesarean - is said to be gaining popularity. It apparently helps the baby's immune system. Jenni talks to Toni Harman, author of 'The Microbiome Effect' and Dr Eimear Brannigan, consultant in infectious diseases and infection prevention at Charing Cross Hospital, London about how your baby's birth MAY have an impact on their future health. Dr Wanda Austin, CEO of the Aerospace Corporation, a research centre for the US national security space programme talks to Jenni about her rise to the top, using her background as a black female to promote STEM subjects and her work to manage debris in space. Diary Dilemmas: What would you do if you found someone else's diary? What if it was written by a much loved deceased parent? Burn it? Dive in and devour from cover to cover? Philosopher, Dr Mahlet Zimeta and writer Elisa Segrave discuss the consequences of reading - or not reading.

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