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Sylvia Pankhurst and Working Women Today

June 18th, 2015

Episode 275 of 985 episodes

Over 100 years after Sylvia Pankhurst interviewed working women about their lives and their double shifts of work and family. Emma Barnett speaks to women in the same industries now. In the first of a new series she speaks to women in a pottery factory, and is joined by professor Krista Cowman of Lincoln University to discuss Pankhurst and her writings on working women. The case of Rachel Dolezal has caused a huge race row in the US. Dolezal, a civil rights activist, was born to two white parents, but has been presenting herself as black - or "identifying" as black, as she describes it. It has created discussion about how race forms identity, and some seem to have conflated the issue of adopting a different race with the experience of being transgender. Emma Barnett is joined by guests in the studio to discuss gender, race, and identity. Plus, Ambreen Shah of the Big Lottery Fund on their plans to channel money into projects to help women and girls affected by domestic violence, sexual exploitation, homelessness, substance abuse, and mental ill health.

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