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Wanda Austin, Harriet Harman MP and Gisela Stuart MP on EU, Diaries

May 14th, 2016

Episode 578 of 985 episodes

The President and CEO of The Aerospace Corporation Dr Wanda Austin on encouraging more women and girls into science and technology. We hear opposing views on the debate about the European Referendum. Labour's former acting leader Harriet Harman MP argues a vote to leave could threaten women's equality at work and Labour MP Gisela Stuart, who chairs the Vote Leave campaign, argues that workers' rights had been "hard won" in the UK, not Europe. Author and academic Sally Bayley and the violinist and avid diary keeper Tasmin Little about their teenage diaries. Christine Mills set up the cancer charity Hope For Tomorrow, which launched the first Mobile Chemotherapy Unit. Christine lost her husband David to the disease and explains why the mobile unit is so important to her. The National Poet of Wales Gillian Clarke is preparing to stand down after eight years in the post. She performs some of her much loved poems. In her latest novel, the bestselling historical author Alison Weir brings to life the story of Katherine of Aragon. This is the first book in her new series 'Six Tudor Queen's' where she gives voice to each of Henry's wives. She tells us about new research she has uncovered. Is there anything wrong with sharing an intimate picture with someone consensually online? How about receiving an unsolicited image from a stranger? The American artist Whitney Bell has created an art exhibition using 200 unsolicited 'dick pics' she received online. Katy Horwood, sex and relationship writer for Metro, discusses what it's like to receive an image and what the law says.

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