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Weekend WH: Gender pay gap & Women's magazines

January 10th, 2015

Episode 114 of 985 episodes

We hear from the labour MP who introduced a bill in December calling for big companies to reveal their gender pay gap. We hear from Adam Afriyie one of 7 MP’s who voted against the bill to tell us why. What is the future of women’s magazines in the digital age? The Tate Galleries in London, Liverpool, and St Ives has unveiled an unprecedented line up of Women artists for 2015. Who should we look out for? We hear from a listener calling for a Royal Commission on murder to take place after her friend was killed by her estranged husband after a divorce battle. Four women who lead Royal Colleges talk about medicine as a profession for women. Michaela de Prince talks about being orphaned in Seirra Leone and adopted by American parents and her career as a ballet dancer today. And should adult children who live at home with mum and dad pay rent?

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