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Weekend WH: Joan Armatrading & Child free holidays

February 7th, 2015

Episode 138 of 985 episodes

We reveal the findings of new research the programme commissioned into what women make of British politics and we hear from some women on what they think about politics and politicians. We hear from Joan Armatrading, the first black female singer-songwriter to gain prominence on the British music scene. Should a woman in her 20s be given a sterilisation on the NHS if she has decided that she never wants children? We discuss. The NHS is the top area of concern for women voters we hear from one GP about her concerns. Zarqa Nawaz is a British–Canadian writer and broadcaster. She tells us how she’s managed to mix comedy and issues in Islamic culture. From childhood Roma Agrawal dreamt of building sky scrapers she tells us how she ended up designing the top of the London Shard. Would you ever consider going on holiday without the children? One woman tells us why she chooses to leave her daughter behind.

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