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Weekend WH: Nancy Sinatra & Minette Walters

May 9th, 2015

Episode 221 of 985 episodes

Did you use your vote in the general election and if not why not? The US website MyFreeImplants.com allows women from all over the world to raise money for breast implants by chatting to men online.Should we be concerned about these sites? Domestic abuse takes place in nearly a quarter of Chinese families but has only been recently been brought to life in the international media. Why? Even our most basic clothing choices can give us confidence. We discuss how clothes define our lives. Sheila Kitzinger spent the last five decades campaigning for women to have choice in the way they give birth. She died last month and her daughters Celia and Jenny discuss her legacy. Minette Walters – the queen of crime talks about her new novel The Cellar. And we’ll hear from Nancy Sinatra reflecting on her music career and the influence of her father Frank.

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