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Women in Technology, 'Rape Culture', Amanda Foreman

September 7th, 2015

Episode 356 of 985 episodes

Making a career in the male dominated games industry - what does it take and what are the rewards for women who do? Thriller writer Julia Heaberlin on her novel Black Eyed Susans and its exploration of the subjectivity of memory. Lawyer Luke Gittos argues that a contemporary panic about so-called 'rape culture' has led to an exaggerated concern about victims of rape failing to receive justice, a view challenged by law professor, Joanne Conaghan. Can where you live impact the health of your child? How the health and development of young children could depend on a postcode. Dr. Amanda Foreman discusses her BBC Two series on the history of women, and the often overlooked role that women have played in forging today's world. Presenter: Jane Garvey Producer: Anne Peacock.

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