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Since 2005, World Of Warcast has been bringing listeners some of the best information about World Of Warcraft. Every week we talk about the most important topics, and some not so important ones.


Episode 129, "A Boy and His Boss"

January 26th, 2013

Episode 142 of 262 episodes

After eight years, we changed our theme. Warcast will be recorded every Thursday. What we did this week: Mike finished with Golden Lotus and tried soloing Naxx 10. Eric opened up the post-GL quests and worked on Brawler's Guild fights. News: Blizzard says they're not getting rid of addons (via WoWInsider). PTR 5.2 updates - we don't have any because we haven't tranferred our toons over there yet. Next show we will. Getting gear for xmog - is it fun? Is it worth it? Does it eat up your bag space? Blizzardverse - New cinematic for Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVbeoSPqRs4&feature=player_embedded Mod of the Cast: Mike - Dominos Eric - Screengrid Support the show! http://www.thenexicon.com Our sponsors - ThinkGeek and SquareSpace Donate to the show or subscribe

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