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Since 2005, World Of Warcast has been bringing listeners some of the best information about World Of Warcraft. Every week we talk about the most important topics, and some not so important ones.


Episode 145, "I've never farmed while doing a show"

May 17th, 2013

Episode 158 of 262 episodes

News: 5.3 will allow you to farm low-levels in Pandaria!! Only works for miners and herbalists. 10 of a low-level item makes one ore. Should this work for tailors and skinners somehow? Ghostcrawler on the "sweet spot" in trying to keep people from unsubbing. And yes, the loss was due to MMOs in China How to survive on a PvP server Mike: Worked on getting my rogue to 90, which I did. Leatherworking up. Spent time cleaning out my bags. Lots of stuff that never sold. Eric: Running lowbies thru instances (instance lock is account wide) More tank practicing

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