About Podcast Chart



Imagine a restaurant that served a thousand dishes. How difficult would it be to choose? And what if those dishes were of massively varying quality?

Now, scale that choice to over half a million. Because that is the number of podcast titles indexed by Apple Podcasts. 

And this means podcast discovery is a problem.

Listeners can miss out on great shows and producers miss out on an audience. 

We’re here to help you find awesome content, and make sure you don’t get food poisoning.


We created Podcast Chart as other 'shows-about-pods' we’d encountered tended to feature presenters endlessly talking amongst each other about their recommendations.

To continue the restaurant analogy, it’s like the waiter spending twenty minutes talking about the wine.

We let you taste the good stuff and then decide for yourself.  

The growing popularity of podcasting has resulted in some amazing content – well written, performed and produced. (It’s resulted in some dreadful stuff too). 

We’ll try and give you new things to listen to – some of them you may have come across or considered before, and some you almost certainly won’t have.

And podcasters gaining more listeners is a great thing. They are encouraged and enabled to keep producing content that we can enjoy. 


Always under ten minutes long and published every week, Podcast Chart helps you discover the best of what’s out there. 

Each episode samples three podcasts, with brief clips and an overview to help you decide if you’d like to hear more. 

All podcasts featured are linked up in our show notes and on podcastchart.com, making it easy to get full episodes of anything you’re interested in. 


You can help build the show (we do a lot of listening but we can't get to everything).  

If you've heard something that made an impression on you, for whatever reason, please let us know via social media or mail [email protected]