Education: Language Courses Podcast Chart 1-20

Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing cover 1
Coffee Break Spanish cover 2
Coffee Break French cover 3
Learn Spanish | cover 4
Learn Spanish - Survival Guide cover 5
English as a Second Language (ESL) Podcast - Learn English Online cover 6
Learn French with daily podcasts cover 7
Learn to Speak Spanish with Discover Spanish cover 8
Learn French | cover 9
Spanish Podcast cover 10
Slate Presents Lexicon Valley cover 11
Latin American Spanish cover 12
French Podcast cover 13
Learn Italian | cover 14
Learn German | cover 15
All Ears English Podcast | Real English Vocabulary | Conversation | American Culture cover 16

All Ears English Podcast | Real Engli...

Lindsay McMahon and Michelle Kaplan, Advanced Conversation English Teachers for Professionals and University Students

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Learn Japanese | (Audio) cover 17
Learn Spanish: Notes in Spanish Inspired Beginners cover 18
Coffee Break Italian cover 19
Coffee Break German cover 20