Notes for Podcasters



Podcast Chart is a show which introduces people to podcasts they may not yet know.

Podcast Chart runs under ten minutes, and features three hand-selected clips from three podcasts we think are awesome. 

Apart from the fact we have made a positive editorial judgement in selecting the featured podcasts we pass no comment on the show, leaving the audio to  speak for itself. 

It’s interesting, super-consumable and will grow audiences for featured podcasts. 


We choose things that we find interesting. We listen to multiple episodes and select clips that we feel will engage audiences and provide a genuine flavour of your podcast. 

We are non-judgemental and make no comment on your podcast (although the fact that it’s on the show means we must think it’s great, right?).

We contextualise the clips so that the audience gets a quick route straight to the content. 

No clip is ever longer than three minutes, and most are shorter than two. We aim to provide listener value, and provide a hook to your podcast episodes to help drive trial. 

We are non-affiliated and have no agenda to promote any specific podcasts or publishers. 


The site does not embed episodes. We provide links to your show on major platforms to allow listeners to subscribe directly.  

A new episode is published every week and supported through social media to highlight the podcasts we are featuring.