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Follow-up: Windows Hello Demo video Telling Twins Apart Rubber-hose cyptanalysis Relevant xkcd Comic Apollo Robbins mDNSResponder Never re-write software Vint Cerf Zero-config mDNSResponder source Siracusa on Rendezvous On rewriting dyld Mac IIfx F/X Movie Magic Marco's latest impulse buy LG 2017 4K OLED Series Worse Products Through Software...

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228: I Never Cancel a Drag

June 29th, 2017

Follow-up: MacBook Adorable Example multi-use hub Casey's Review Keyboard "shim kit" USB-C hubs Belkin hub HomePod's "screen" Marco's favorite follow-up ever in Analog(ue) #10 Echo Show iOS Drag and Drop Dr. Wave DragonDrop dyld 3 App Startup Time: Past, Present, Future Marco gets his VBR wish Original ATP discussion (Overcast timestamp link)...

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227: Typing on Pillows

June 22nd, 2017

Follow-up: Serenity Caldwell on the new iPad Body size comparison Screen size comparison Typing to Siri Ryan Jones makes some observations New lock & power off behavior "Offload"ing unused apps Springboard treatment Steve Troughton-Smith makes some observations Spaces persistence Spatial Finder Document-based apps' launch UI FaceTime...

Pre-show: Lots of Follow Up John's ancient, slow, Mac Pro APFS WWDC session and file name encoding Norm forms Compression vs. HFS+ iOS 11 Dots vs. Bars for signal strength Drop of third party service integration Perhaps the APIs were removed? Many touch options for iOS 11 home screens on non-Force Touch devices Log your friends into your WiFi...