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Episode 90: Interview with Danny Lennon - Principles of Nutrition and Critical Thinking

March 13th, 2016

Episode 90 of 114 episodes

This episodes guest is with my great friend and colleagueDanny Lennon of Sigma Nutrition. Danny has a degree in Biology and Physics, as well as a Masters in Nutritional Science and is one of the top Nutrition, Health, Wellness and Performance educators online. His podcast Sigma Nutrition is one of the Top Nutrition and Performance Podcasts available to everyone for free through iTunes, Stitcher and other android applications. On this episode Danny and I discussed: - Danny’s Background and Influences - Danny’s Nutritional Principles - Danny’s advice on How to think more critically about information - Danny’s Top Rescources - And Danny’s upcoming2016 Sigma Nutrition 2 Day Seminaron April 9-10th at UCD, Belfield, Dublin This was a to [...]

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