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Jane King

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A show by parents, for parents who want their kids to be money savvy. Jane and company share what they do with simple, fun ideas to help kids be comfortable, confident and smart when it comes to cash.


Art of the Aztecs? College students share what classes schools are offering instead of financial education. Three SMU seniors tell Jane and Kim what lessons worked for them growing up in learning about money and what they wish universities would do to help prepare them for handling money after the graduate. This episode was produced by Rob...

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CEO of Independent Financial Advisors Kevin Supka shares his opinions on what parents should be doing to help their kids be financially savvy. He shares what he is doing for his young grandchildren and what people should know about finances when they graduate college. ------This episode was produced by Rob Schulte. http://robkschulte.com

If you are young and broke, there's still a way to save money. WiseBanyan is a Robo-advisor that charges no fees, yes zero fees!! They can create a portfolio for young people who want to put away as little as a buck a month. ------This episode was produced by Rob Schulte. http://robkschulte.com

In this episode of Ka-Ching with Jane King, Author, and Financial Literacy Activist Rachel Cruz talks to Jane about how to save a few bucks on raising children. She shares ideas on sports teams, newborns and financial tips for single moms. Rachel also shares tips on what to do with kids that's fun and cheap on days off school. --Use the hashtag...