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<p>Not So Nice Advice is a comedy driven, entertainment podcast that analyzes advice columns and blogs. The show revisits letters already answered by the columnist or blogger, explains why the advice given is wrong and then offers the correct prescription for a successful solution. Hosted by comedian and television personality Chuck Nice, along with fellow comedians and celebrity guests, Nice Advice is a hilarious take on the industrial opinion complex. Listeners who are wise enough to request advice directly from the show will have their problems solved as well. The show's motto is: we have an answer for every problem...whether it works or not. "Take our advice, because we're sure as hell not using it."&nbsp;</p>

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Sovereign Syre shares her secrets with us, including what she thinks is her greatest feature. They then try to help a woman who can't get a 2nd date and another who is considering breaking up with her man because he's not on her level intellectually and watches WWE!

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Chuck starts out talking about meeting Robert Redford and how cool he was. Chuck and crew then help out a couple of ladies with very different issues. Lady number one has a great boyfriend that loves her and told her but she hasn’t said it back yet. The other woman is, in fact, THE OTHER WOMAN! She is complaining about how she is being treated...

Chuck talks about Cosby working the system. Trump's remake of We Are The World, USA 47th in math and science? Not So Nice Advice also helps the women who freeze on dates and wonder when is the right time to sleep with a man? There is also a hilarious story about a nerf gun war with a little Mr. Nice! Oh...and it is the debut of....Chris Tucker...

Sovereign Syre is back on Not So Nice Advice, telling Chuck all about her stand up experience as well as some porn stories thrown in there for good measure! From there, Sovereign helps Chuck solve the world's problems, one messed up person at a time!