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In today's podcast we hear more on how Qatar has accused the UAE of hacking, and vows legal retribution—all on the strength of a Washington Post story. UAE says it didn't do it. Warnings about vulnerabilities in commonly used IoT code.MarkusRauscheckerfrom UMD CHHS on Facebook running afoul of European privacy laws.Tina Ladabouche, NSAGenCyber...

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In today's podcast we hear thatQatarhas accusedthe United Arab Emirates of a hacking and disinformation campaign—the UAE deny it. Russia's Foreign Ministry says it was hacked. Russia-experts in the US said to be receiving unwelcome attention from possible state intelligence services. Deterrence and confidence building measures remain works in...

In today's podcast, we hear thatWikiLeaks dumps another alleged CIA cyber manual from Vault7. Cyberwar is the continuation of war (and therefore policy) by other means. Counting the cost ofNotPetya. AWS S3 misconfigurations could happen to the best of us (but need not). Chasing innovation in the UK and the US.AlphaBaytaken down in international...

In today's podcast, we hear about signs thatNotPetyawas covering up a broad espionage campaign. State-sponsored hacking seems, when not simple spying, to aim at eroding trust. Verizon suffers a major customer data breach said to derive from a vendor's misconfiguration of an Amazon S3 bucket. Industry notes—venture funding and an acquisition....